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FMoretto Consulting!

We are excited to open our doors to professionals who share our passion and commitment.

FMoretto Consulting is not just a company, but a family of experts committed to providing mortgage advice and services to foreigners who want to invest in Italy.

Our core values revolve around excellence, integrity and innovation, and guide us in offering services such as residential mortgages, reverse mortgages, Lombard credit, real estate leasing and real estate insurance.

About us

With a long history in the Italian mortgage market, FMoretto Consulting stands out for its specialized service for foreign clients.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in this niche market makes us among the few in Italy who can boast real expertise in the development of tailor-made mortgage solutions for international clients.


At the heart of FMoretto Consulting is a culture of deep knowledge and love for what we do.

We understand the complexities of our clients’ needs, creating customized, high-quality insurance and financial services.

Our professionalism and strong partnerships nationally and internationally enable us to offer a range of high-level services.

We pride ourselves on our consultative approach, which focuses on understanding and solving problems to provide more than just services: we offer strategic alliances and tailored solutions.


Joining FMoretto Consulting means joining a team that values your expertise and contributions.

We offer a collaborative environment where your skills can truly excel, giving you the opportunity to work alongside some of the best in the industry.

Our commitment to excellence ensures our partners get the recognition they deserve.


We are currently expanding our network of external collaborators, not as employees, but as valued partners.

We are looking for professionals who can connect us with clients who need mortgage or credit services for the purchase of real estate in Italy.

Here is a brief overview of the roles we are looking for:

  • Real Estate Agencies;
  • Real Estate Brokers;
  • Real Estate Agents;
  • Real Estate Consultants;
  • Real Estate Appraiser;
  • Attorneys;
  • Attorneys specializing in real estate law;
  • Financial Advisors;
  • Credit Brokers;
  • Family Office;
  • Credit Analysts;
  • Portfolio Managers;
  • Loan Officers;
  • Risk Managers;
  • Debt Collection Specialists;
  • Notaries;
  • Property Managers;
  • Condominium Administrators;
  • Compliance Officers, Credit Brokers;
  • Architects;


At FMoretto Consulting you will find a partnership where your skills are valued and rewarded.

If you are passionate about real estate, finance and helping others realize their dreams in Italy, we would love to hear from you.

Join us in providing exceptional service and building lasting relationships in the world of Italian real estate.

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