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The Preliminary and the Mortgage Clause: An aid to foreigners who want to buy a home in Italy with a mortgage without the risk of losing money.

Buying real estate in Italy can be a fascinating opportunity but also a complex challenge, especially for foreign clients. The need to navigate a different legal and financial system, combined with language barriers, can make the experience intimidating. However, with the right information and tools, such as the preliminary contract of sale (the so-called “compromise”)...

Is it worth it to live in Italy?

Italy’s irresistible charm draws people from all over the world, attracted by its captivating mix of history, art, culture and cuisine. Its relaxed lifestyle, landscapes, atmospheres and friendly locals offer a set of intangible qualities that create a truly unique living experience. Is it worth taking the plunge and making Italy your home? A unique...

Can I retire to Italy after Brexit?

Can I retire to Italy after Brexit? The idea of retiring in Italy after Brexit is still a very strong desire for British citizens, even if it involves more bureaucratic problems to deal with. The UK’s exit from the European Union has generated a set of regulations that potential retirees must follow. Undoubtedly, Brexit has...

Why do celebrities choose Puglia?

When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, a haven to settle down, or even a place to host a special event, many celebrities choose Puglia, the captivating region in southern Italy. One might wonder, what makes this place so special? Why do celebrities choose Puglia over countless other picturesque locations around the globe? Let’s...

Renaissance 2.0: Art & Culture as Economic Drivers

Italy has always been renowned for its heritage, with art and culture playing a key role. From Michelangelo’s fascinating masterpieces to the architecture of the Colosseum, Italy’s treasures have attracted visitors from all over the world. However, it is often overlooked how this sector can be a growth engine for foreign investors. It is good...



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