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12 October 20230
Breaking down barriers

Are you a foreigner interested in buying property in Italy? Getting an Italian mortgage can seem like a daunting task, with rigid lending practices and potential complications for nonresidents. But don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this article we will provide you with valuable guidance on the process of obtaining an Italian mortgage from a foreigner. In addition, we offer a free service that puts you in touch with an Italian mortgage expert who can guide you through Italian mortgage regulations. Let’s explore the eligibility criteria for an Italian mortgage and find out how and when to apply.

Determining eligibility for an Italian mortgage

To obtain an Italian mortgage, there are three main conditions to consider: the policies of banks and lending institutions, affordability, and property eligibility.
The policies of banks and lenders, influenced by the European Mortgage Directive, can be a challenge for foreign nationals earning income in currencies other than the euro. However, our mortgage specialists can assess your personal situation and determine your eligibility based on factors such as source of income, nationality and country of residence.
Affordability is another crucial factor. You must demonstrate that your monthly mortgage payments, including the proposed Italian mortgage, do not exceed 35 percent of your total after-tax income. In addition, all income and expense documentation must be translated into Italian for the application process.
Regarding the eligibility of the property, the lending institution requires proof that the property is legally available for purchase. This involves substantial documentation, which our local experts and mortgage brokers can provide, ensuring compliance with the lending institution’s requirements.

How and when to apply for an Italian mortgage

Contrary to expectations, timing is critical when applying for an Italian mortgage. Our experts can guide you through the process and help you untangle the complexities. Don’t let barriers deter you from your dream of owning property in Italy. With the right guidance, you can overcome the challenges and obtain an Italian mortgage with confidence.

Understanding the challenges of getting an Italian mortgage

When it comes to buying property in Italy as a foreigner, there are several factors that contribute to the complexity of the process. In this section we will explore the Strict Policies and the European Mortgage Directive, financial and affordability requirements, and the need to prove property eligibility.

Strict policies and the European Mortgage Directive.

Italian banks have always been known for their strict lending policies, and obtaining a mortgage as a foreigner or nonresident can pose additional obstacles. The European Mortgage Directive has further complicated matters for foreign nationals wishing to apply for a mortgage in Italy. This directive makes it particularly difficult for those who earn their income in currencies other than the euro. Banks tend to give priority to applicants from countries with stronger currencies, which leads to limited credit policies and mortgage contracts for individuals from countries with lower demand for Italian mortgages.
In addition to the European Mortgage Directive, individual banks and lenders may have their own policies and requirements. Factors such as source of income, nationality, and country of residence can affect eligibility for a mortgage. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules, each case is evaluated individually, and a mortgage specialist can provide a customized assessment based on your situation.

Affordability and financial requirements

Another crucial aspect to consider when applying for an Italian mortgage is affordability. Lenders will assess your ability to pay the monthly mortgage payments and ensure that they do not exceed 35 percent of your total income (excluding rental income) after taking into account income taxes. It is important to provide proof of income and expenses, which must be translated into Italian when you submit your application. Meeting these financial requirements demonstrates your ability to responsibly manage your mortgage repayment.

Demonstrating the suitability of the property

Once you have identified the property you intend to purchase, you must demonstrate that it is available for purchase and meets all legal requirements. This documentation can be extensive, and working with a local expert or mortgage broker will help you ensure that you have all the necessary documents to meet the lending institution’s requirements. These can assist you in gathering the required documentation and provide guidance throughout the process, ensuring a smoother experience.

Expert knowledge and experience

Foreigners entering the Italian real estate market may not be familiar with the local mortgage landscape. A mortgage counseling agency for foreigners brings with them a wealth of expertise and experience. Their specialized knowledge allows them to guide buyers through the complexities of the Italian mortgage system, helping them make informed decisions.
These agencies have in-depth knowledge of the legal, financial and regulatory aspects of obtaining a mortgage as a foreigner in Italy. They are always up-to-date on the latest market trends, interest rates and mortgage products suitable for nonresidents. This expertise ensures that foreigners receive the most accurate and relevant information regarding their mortgage options.

Maximizing eligibility and chances of approval

For foreigners, obtaining a mortgage in Italy depends on meeting specific eligibility criteria. A mortgage counseling agency plays a crucial role in maximizing the chances of approval by providing tailored strategies and advice.
These agencies help foreigners understand financial criteria, such as loan-to-value ratio, debt-to-income ratio, and credit history requirements. By analyzing the client’s financial situation, they can suggest strategies to improve eligibility, such as increasing savings or addressing potential credit problems.
In addition, mortgage counseling agencies have established relationships with lending institutions that specialize in providing loans to foreigners. They know the preferences of lenders and can match clients with the most suitable options, increasing the likelihood of approval.

A mortgage counseling agency tailored to foreigners is essential when purchasing property in Italy. Their specialized knowledge and experience, ability to navigate complex documentation and requirements, and assistance in maximizing the chances of eligibility and approval are invaluable assets. By leveraging the expertise of these agencies, foreigners can confidently navigate the Italian mortgage process and realize their dream of owning a home in Italy.


Buying property in Italy as a foreigner can be a complex and challenging process, especially when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. The strict lending policies of Italian banks, combined with the additional obstacles faced by nonresidents, can make the process frustrating and time-consuming. However, with the help of a mortgage counseling agency that specializes in Italian real estate, foreigners can overcome these barriers and tackle the mortgage application process more efficiently.
One of the key factors determining eligibility for an Italian mortgage is the lending institution’s policies and the European Mortgage Directive. Foreign nationals whose income is not in euros may find it difficult to obtain a mortgage. In addition, lenders consider other factors such as source of income, nationality, and country of residence. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules, working with a mortgage specialist can help assess the likelihood of obtaining a mortgage based on individual circumstances.
Affordability is another crucial aspect when applying for an Italian mortgage. Lenders require proof that monthly mortgage payments, including any existing rent payments, do not exceed 35 percent of total after-tax income. It is important to provide translated Italian documentation of income and expenses at the time of application.

Finally, the eligibility of the property is critical. The lending institution needs documentation to verify the availability and legality of the property to be purchased. This can involve extensive documentation, but working with a local expert or mortgage broker can streamline the process and meet the lending institution’s requirements.

In conclusion, foreigners wishing to purchase property in Italy and obtain a mortgage could benefit greatly from the guidance and experience of a mortgage counseling agency. These agencies are familiar with the complexities of the Italian mortgage market and can provide valuable assistance in navigating the complex process. With their support, foreigners can break down barriers and realize their dream of owning property in Italy.

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