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19 November 20230

Italy’s increasing allure for foreign investors is a multifaceted phenomenon. The nation presents a unique combination of factors that make it an attractive destination for international investment. Here’s a comprehensive analysis:

Economic Size and Diversity:

Italy, as one of the largest markets in the EU, boasts a diversified economy and a skilled workforce. Its status as a major global manufacturing hub, coupled with robust infrastructures, enhances its attractiveness​​. This broad economic base provides a wide range of investment opportunities across various sectors.

Post-Pandemic Recovery and Investment Growth:

The post-pandemic period has seen a notable surge in foreign investment in Italy. The country has experienced a significant growth in inward foreign investment since 2021, outpacing other EU economies. New greenfield foreign direct investments grew by 33%, while inward cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&As) increased by 14%. Additionally, inflows of venture capital and private equity grew by 250% and 50%, respectively​​. These figures indicate a strong and resilient post-pandemic economic position relative to other similar EU economies​​.

Strategic Government Initiatives:

The Italian government has prioritized attracting foreign investment and is actively working to create a conducive environment for investors. Italy’s strategic position within Europe and the Mediterranean, along with opportunities in acquiring Italian technologies, brands, and distribution channels, provides a gateway to Europe for foreign investors​​​​.

Sectorial Growth and Opportunities:

The end of mobility restrictions and the recovery of tourism post-pandemic have led to a significant rebound in sectors such as hotels, passenger air transport, retail, and warehousing. Additionally, there is an upward trend in key sectors like energy, automotive, and pharmaceuticals, all aligned with the priorities of the Italian National Resilience and Recovery Plan​​.

Global Investment Flows and EU Support:

In the context of global investment flow stagnation and supply chain reorganization, the EU’s shift in economic policy and mobilization of resources for recovery through the NextGenerationEU program have been pivotal. Italy, as a significant beneficiary of EU recovery funds, has seen a rise in the appetite of global investors, positively impacted by recovery policies in Europe​​.

Potential for Further Growth:

Italy still has substantial room for growth compared to other EU economies. The country is poised for growth in American and Asian foreign direct investment (FDI), influenced by geopolitical factors and the development of European value chains. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan has effectively signaled to investors that Italy is primed for business​​.


In summary, foreign investors choose Italy for its large and diversified market, strong post-pandemic recovery, government initiatives to attract investment, sectorial growth opportunities, EU support, and potential for further growth. These factors collectively make Italy a highly appealing destination for foreign investment.

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