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21 October 20230

Over the past decade, an increasing number of Americans have renounced their U.S. citizenship, choosing Italy as their new homeland. The reasons behind this trend are a mix of personal goals and factors related to laws and regulations. A closer look at this phenomenon reveals that economic and cultural factors have influenced Americans to seek a life rich in history in Italy.

The driving force

The main driving force behind the increase in citizenship renunciations is U.S. tax regulations, particularly the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) passed in 2010. FATCA was designed to prevent U.S. citizens from evading taxes by holding assets. It has had unintended consequences: many foreign banks have hesitated to serve citizens because of the reporting requirements imposed by FATCA, causing significant inconvenience to Americans living abroad.

Taxing based on citizenship

In addition, the unique U.S. approach of taxing based on citizenship rather than residency increases the burden on Americans living abroad. Under this system, U.S. citizens are required to file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regardless of where they live, a practice that originated during the Civil War.
The tax system, along with FATCA, complicates expatriates’ financial lives. It also exposes them to the risk of serious penalties if they do not comply. This situation has led many to consider renouncing their U.S. citizenship.

It is easier in Italy

On the other hand, Italy stands out for its cultural heritage and relatively favorable immigration policies. The Italian government offers pathways to citizenship such as descent, marriage or naturalization. This makes the transition easier for those with ancestors or long-term residency plans. In addition, the long-stay visa allows you to stay beyond the 90-day limit, which is attractive to those seeking a more permanent home in Europe.

The allure of Italy

Italy’s appeal is enhanced by favorable tax legislation and the recent introduction of resident tax schemes. These measures significantly reduce the income tax burden compared to the demanding U.S. tax requirements, making it more attractive to relocate overseas.
In addition, individuals with roots find this relocation particularly attractive.

The Italian government

The Italian government has decided to grant citizenship rights to individuals whose parents or grandparents were born in Italy. This new provision aims to simplify the immigration process for Americans, making it easier for them to establish a connection to their roots and feel a sense of belonging.


In addition, the appeal of the lifestyle is undeniable. The warm climate, delicious cuisine and relaxed pace of life in an environment make it all the more appealing. Many dream of living in Italy surrounded by art, history and gastronomy, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Some are even willing to give up their U.S. citizenship for this opportunity.


In sum, a combination of U.S. tax laws and Italy’s inviting atmosphere, supported by immigration policies and tax systems, contributes significantly to the growing tendency of Americans to choose an Italian adventure over retaining U.S. citizenship. The interplay between the factors that drive them away from America and the personal factors that drive them toward Italy creates a narrative that explains why many Americans find themselves drawn to Italian shores.

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