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17 October 20230

The Italian tax code, also known as Codice Fiscale, is an essential identification tool used in Italy for various purposes, both by citizens and by those who wish to carry out various activities within the country. This 16-character alphanumeric code is generated based on personal information such as surname, first name initials, and date and place of birth. The following points elaborate on the applications and meaning of the Tax Code in Italy:

Identification in Taxation:

First, the Codice Fiscale is designed for tax purposes, assisting the Internal Revenue Service in identifying individuals within the tax system.

Engagement in private contracts:

The code also plays a key role in private contracts, ensuring the correct identification of the individuals involved.

Identification in the health care system:

Within the health care system, the Tax Code serves as a unique identifier for individuals, facilitating efficient service delivery.

Banking transactions:

To open a personal account with an Italian bank, it is necessary to have a Fiscal Code, demonstrating its importance in financial transactions.

Lease Agreements:

When entering into lease contracts, both parties (landlord and tenant) must possess the Codice Fiscale, as such contracts must be registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

Commercial engagements:

In order to conduct any kind of commercial activity in Italy, it is necessary to obtain a Fiscal Code, which ensures legal compliance and proper identification in commercial transactions.

Visa application:

If you need a visa to travel to Italy, you will also need a visa to apply for the Codice Fiscale, which also indicates its importance in immigration matters.


In case you need to file a lawsuit, it is mandatory to have a Fiscal Code. It is advisable to instruct your attorneys to request it and collect it on your behalf, if you do not handle this personally.

Representation at consular offices:

You have the option of obtaining the Codice Fiscale through the consular office or the Italian Embassy, demonstrating its wide utility and the various channels available for its acquisition.
If you are in Italy, you can request the Codice Fiscale from any office of the Internal Revenue Service, using form AA4/8.

The wide utility of the Codice Fiscale underlies its centrality to the daily functioning of people and entities in Italy. Its role goes beyond tax identification, permeating various sectors including health, real estate, legal, financial and administrative. This comprehensive identification tool is fundamental to ensuring the legality of commitments, the simplification of services and the overall efficiency of the public and private sectors in Italy.

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