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19 June 20230

In recent years, Puglia, the heel of the Italian “boot,” has emerged as a coveted destination for couples seeking a unique wedding location. Known for its relaxing Mediterranean atmospheres, rich history and breathtaking landscapes, Puglia offers the perfect blend of the azure beauty of the sea and the rustic charm of the countryside.

Puglia: An emerging wedding destination

Puglia has grown in popularity as a wedding destination, particularly among foreign couples, for several reasons. The region offers a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere combined with the extraordinary Italian lifestyle, making it an attractive place to celebrate one’s love. Its accessibility from all over Europe makes it an ideal location for large events. Finally, the region’s mix of stunning beaches and historic sites is unmatched in southern Europe.

Unique venues: From masserias to beaches

The typical venue for a wedding in Puglia is a “Masseria,” a traditional farmhouse that reflects Puglia’s rich historical heritage. These structures, often dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, were built by peasants from easily produced sandstone, known as tuff, and are usually surrounded by high walls. Today, most Masserias have been converted into country hotels or bed and breakfasts, offering an elegant and unique setting for weddings.

Alternatively, couples dreaming of a beach wedding can find an answer to their desires in Puglia. The region boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. In partnership with several romantic and classy locations, weddings, including symbolic weddings, blessings and even legal civil ceremonies, can be held on the beach, giving unforgettable memories1.

The cost of a wedding in Apulia

As for the cost of a wedding in Italy, the average is estimated to be between 15,000 and 20,000 euros as of 2023. However, these costs can vary greatly by region, with southern Italy, including Puglia, sometimes more expensive. The final budget may depend on several factors, including the number of guests, the venue chosen, the attire, and additional services such as music, the cost of which can vary from city to city.


Puglia offers couples a unique and enchanting location for their wedding day. From the beautiful farms and beaches to the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere and breathtaking scenery, it is no wonder that so many foreign couples choose to say “I do” in the beautiful Apulian countryside.

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