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5 November 20230

The Italian language, derived from its roots and enriched by its cultural and historical background, remains a symbol of cultural identity both in Italy and in many communities around the world. The variety of speakers extends beyond the boot-shaped peninsula, crossing continents as a reflection of Italian migration waves and Italy’s historical influence on various parts of the world.

How many of us there are in the world

The global number of individuals who speak Italian presents an overall picture. Various sources provide varying figures due to the dynamics of language diffusion and adoption. According to one source, 61.6 million people worldwide consider Italian to be their language. Another alternative source suggests that in the European Union alone there are about 67 million native speakers of Italian and another 13.4 million EU citizens who converse in Italian as a second language.
The number of speakers worldwide is estimated at over 85 million, which highlights the wide popularity and global presence of the Italian language. Another source presents a figure indicating that about 63 million people speak Italian as a first language, while another 3 million speak it as a second language. This demonstrates the appeal and linguistic richness of Italian.

How many in the Americas

When the spread of the language is explored, it becomes evident that its influence extends far beyond the borders of Italy. For example, in Canada Italian is recognized as an unofficial language with over 660,000 speakers according to the 2006 census. The impact of immigration is also visible in South America, where Italian is the most widely spoken language in Argentina with over 1 million speakers, especially among the older generation. Similarly, in Venezuela Italian maintains itself as the language after Spanish and Portuguese, with 200,000 speakers.

In Australia

In Australia, Italian has also emerged as the most widely spoken foreign language. About 1.4 percent of the population considers Italian as their language.


The history of the language is deeply intertwined with the cultural and migratory narratives of Italians around the world. Its beautiful rhythm continues to resonate across continents, becoming part of cultures and communities.

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