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31 October 20230
Can I retire to Italy after Brexit?

The idea of retiring in Italy after Brexit is still a very strong desire for British citizens, even if it involves more bureaucratic problems to deal with. The UK’s exit from the European Union has generated a set of regulations that potential retirees must follow.

Undoubtedly, Brexit has added a layer of complexity for British citizens who wish to retire in the United Kingdom. Prior to the U.K.’s exit from the EU, British citizens had the advantage of being able to move within the EU, making it much easier to move to the UK. However, after Brexit, British citizens must now meet a number of requirements to be able to retire in Italy.

The crucial step

The key step for British citizens is obtaining a visa-the elective residence visa- specifically designed for those who wish to retire in Italy. This visa requires applicants to show that they have sufficient income from pensions, savings or investments that will ensure they can support themselves without seeking work in Italy.

How to do it

The procedure for obtaining an elective residency visa involves a few steps;

– Gathering documents: it is necessary to gather documents such as a valid passport, proof of income (usually verified through bank statements) health insurance coverage and a confirmed place to live in Italy;
– Submitting the visa application: once you have all the documents, you need to submit the visa application to the consulate in the UK.
– Processing the application: processing time may vary. It usually takes 1 to 3 months.
– Completion in Italy: after arriving in Italy with your visa, you will need to obtain a permit to stay called a “permesso di soggiorno.” This involves submitting another application and being fingerprinted. This stage can take months.

Italy continues to be a choice for retirees despite the complexities introduced by Brexit. The low cost of living in the southern regions or rural areas, rich cultural heritage and renowned healthcare system continue to attract retirees. In addition, Italy’s diverse climate offers a range of living conditions to suit preferences.

However, recent bureaucratic hurdles highlight the need for careful planning and, potentially, the support of legal professionals specializing in Italian and European law. This professional guidance can greatly facilitate the process, ensuring a smooth transition to a peaceful retirement life in Italy.


In summary, the Brexit has forced a more organized approach for British citizens aspiring to spend their retirement in Italy. The requirements, focused primarily on obtaining an Italian elective residency visa, require detailed preparation, but with the proper support, the opportunity to enjoy retirement under the Italian sun continues to be accessible.

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