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23 May 20230

How to buy a house in Italy

Hello there, future homeowners!

Looking to buy a house in Italy? Well, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll be serving up a plate full of advice, tips, and steps on how to find and buy your dream Italian home.

It’s like lasagna – it might look complex at first, but once you understand the layers, it’s a piece of cake!

1. Knowing the italian property market

Before you begin, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the property market in Italy.

Similar to other countries, it has its ups and downs, so you’ll want to strike when the iron’s hot.

Websites, like and, are perfect for this, offering an extensive catalog of properties in different regions of Italy.

2. Choosing the right location

Think about your ideal location to buy a house in Italy.

Italy’s regions are incredibly diverse, each offering its unique charm.

Do you see yourself sipping coffee in a Roman piazza, or does a countryside retreat in Tuscany sound more appealing? Remember, the region will significantly influence the house prices and the cost of living.

3. Preparing your budget

Next, decide on your budget. This should include not only the cost of the house to buy in Italy itself but also legal fees, taxes, and any necessary renovations.

When setting up your budget, to buy a house in Italy consider:

  • house price: this varies wildly depending on location and size;
  • legal fees: usually between 1-2% of the purchase price;
  • purchase taxes: if it’s your second home or a non-residential property, expect to pay between 9-10% of the registered property value:
  • renovation costs: if your dream Italian home needs a bit of sprucing up, make sure to factor in these costs as well.

4. Enlisting a real estate agent

Now that you have your budget and preferred location to buy a house in Italy, it’s time to contact a real estate agent.

Choose an agency familiar with assisting foreign buyers. They’ll guide you through the complexities of the Italian property market, making your house hunting smoother.

5. Finding your dream italian home

Next up is the exciting part: house hunting!

Make a wishlist of your desired features and refer back to it while you’re browsing.

Remember, patience is key – it may take some time before you find the house that screams “home”.

6. Making an offer

Once you’ve found your dream house, it’s time to make an offer.

In Italy, this usually involves a Proposta d’Acquisto (purchase proposal) and a small deposit to secure the property while the preliminary checks are conducted.

7. Due diligence and preliminary contract

After the offer, it’s time for due diligence.

This is when your real estate agent and solicitor check the property’s legality and if there are any debts or mortgages tied to it. Once everything is clear, you’ll sign a preliminary contract (Compromesso) and pay a deposit, typically about 10-20% of the purchase price.

8. Final contract and payment

The final step to buy a house in Italy involves signing the “Atto di Vendita” (deed of sale) at a Notary office, settling the remaining balance, and – congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a house in Italy.

Buy a house in Italy

may seem daunting, but with a clear understanding of the process and the right people by your side, it can be a joyous journey.

And remember, once you’ve got the keys to your Italian casa, celebrate with a hearty bowl of pasta – you’ve earned it!

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