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15 May 20230

At a time when trust in banking is at its lowest, reinventing banking has become imperative. With disillusionment among private and corporate customers globally, a new vision for banking is needed. This vision must not only cater to the interests of shareholders, but must align directly with the needs and aspirations of customers.

Relationship banking: Reviving old values in a new era

In the early days, the essence of a bank was a direct and trusting relationship with customers. This relationship was not based on numbers, transactions or profit margins, but on mutual trust and understanding. Today we aim to revive this old heart of banking, albeit in a new form. We are reinventing banking as “Relationship Banking,” which restores the cardinal principle of mutual trust between bank and customer.

Leveraging technology: Building the bank of the future

The bank of the future must be built from today. In this endeavor, technology plays a central role. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, the bank of the future must leverage these tools to align with the current and future needs of its customers. However, the adoption of technology should not be an end in itself, but should serve to enhance the customer experience and help rebuild trust.

Integrating the humanities: Knowing and anticipating customer needs

In our mission to reinvent banking, we rely not only on technology. We also enlist the help of psychologists, sociologists and other specialists who study human and social behavior. Understanding human behavior and societal trends allows us to better know and anticipate the needs and desires of our customers. The bank of the future, then, is a perfect blend of technology and humanities.

An ethical, inclusive and customer-oriented approach

A key aspect of the reinvention of banking is the emphasis on ethical practices and inclusiveness. A bank that respects all its customers, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or identity, is a bank that truly aligns with the spirit of the times. It is a bank that not only looks to the future, but actively creates it. It builds a future that is not only customer- and business-friendly, but also ethical and inclusive.

Growing with customers: The bank of tomorrow

The bank we envision is one that grows and is born out of the needs of customers and grows by meeting these evolving needs. It does not merely adapt to the future, but shapes it. It is new, but it has an ancient heart that has never stopped beating for its customers.

By reinventing banking, we are not just reviving an old idea, we are also pioneering a new vision of banking, a vision centered on trust, innovation, understanding, ethics, inclusiveness and, above all, on our customers.

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