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12 May 20240

The world of insurance is vast and diverse encompassing countless aspects of life, including the most mundane and the most absurd. Most people have heard of health, auto, and home insurance, but there are policies ranging from the weird and whimsical to the most absurd but really underwritten. Here are some truly unique and outlandish ones:

– Alien abduction insurance: believe it or not, there are companies that offer insurance against abduction by aliens. These policies often cover psychiatric treatment, loss of income, and sometimes even compensation to the insured if they can prove that they have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

– Ghost insurance: some people have taken out policies to cover damage caused by ghosts or other supernatural entities. This type of insurance has been purchased by some hotels and historic properties known for their “haunted” reputation.

– Body parts insurance: celebrities and athletes often insure specific parts of their bodies crucial to their careers. Famous examples include singers insuring their vocal cords, dancers insuring their legs, and football players insuring their feet.

– Taste bud insurance: chefs and food critics whose careers depend on their ability to taste can insure their taste buds. This type of coverage helps protect their livelihood in case of an accident or illness that impairs their sense of taste.

– Lottery insurance: some insurance companies offer lottery insurance to companies to protect against the loss of employees who might quit en masse if they win a lottery jackpot. This coverage helps the company manage the sudden loss of staff by covering the costs of hiring and training new employees.

– Kidnap and ransom insurance: although it might not seem absurd to those in high-risk professions or living in certain areas, kidnap and ransom insurance covers costs associated with kidnapping, including ransom payments, loss of income, and other related expenses

– Asteroid insurance: covers damage that could be caused by a meteorite or asteroid hitting property. This is a real, though highly unlikely, risk considered by some insurers.

– Immaculate Conception Insurance: in a particularly unusual case, three sisters in Scotland allegedly took out insurance against a virgin birth, in case one of them conceived without sexual intercourse. (The policy was later withdrawn because of religious objections.)

– Paranormal investigation insurance : for those who run businesses related to paranormal investigations, this type of insurance covers liability and potential damages incurred while investigating haunted locations.

– Multiple Birth Insurance : In the 1930s, one company offered insurance policies that paid out if a woman gave birth to twins or triplets.

– Hole-in-One insurance: golf courses and country clubs can purchase insurance to cover the cost of premiums for golfers who play a hole-in-one.

– Zombie apocalypse insurance: a British company offered policies that paid out if a zombie apocalypse occurred

These examples highlight the insurance industry’s creativity in risk management, no matter how improbable the scenario may seem.

All these examples often serve insurance companies as marketing gimmicks or innovative policies, but they highlight how far some insurers are willing to go to attract attention and satisfy niche markets or extravagant fears.

There is no limit to the human imagination and business sense of insurance companies… when they come together and there is an understanding, the deal is done!

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