Code of ethics

I operate in the total absence of conflicts of interest

Fee Only FO is a registered trademark and distinguishes the activities of those professionals and those independent financial advisory firms remunerated exclusively on a fee basis by their clients.

As an associate, I do not receive money, means of payment, or securities in my name, to licensed intermediaries, or to third parties, and I do not execute transactions on behalf of clients or receive mandates or proxies to make purchases, trades, or similar transactions. I provide adequate information on the risks, costs, and burdens of existing and recommended financial instruments and investment strategies.

My professional ethics lead me to continually update myself by participating in educational programs to enhance expertise in financial matters and maintain it at the highest quality level.

The only source of remuneration I have is the client himself, excluding any form of conflict of interest and adhering to the provisions of current laws. Therefore, I do not receive commissions, commissions, rebates, bonuses, incentives or other forms of compensation from third parties that are not represented by the client’s fee.

I respect the obligation of confidentiality and professional secrecy on any information received.

I collaborate with all of the client’s interlocutors in order to arrive at a complete and correct overview of the asset and financial situation through which to ensure a complete and effective service with the goal of maximum satisfaction.

I respect other professionals and believe in healthy and honest competition, also committing myself to report any illegal and improper behavior of which I become aware.

I will provide counseling services in a reasonably prompt and complete manner after ensuring that I am in possession of all information necessary for the provision of the service.



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    OCF CFA iscr. n.1918 del 04.05.2022
    EFPA ESG Advisor Cert. Nr. IT202221936
    N° iscrizione RUI: B000609294
    FERMA Rimap Cert. n. 20200262