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A new frontier in global real estate financing

For many buyers wishing to purchase property abroad, securing financing across borders has long been a complicated and frustrating task. Strict national and international lending regulations make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for non-residents to obtain a mortgage in another country. Even high net worth individuals often face obstacles when trying to leverage their...

Risks and opportunities of NPLs even for foreign customers in Italy

Introduction In the ever-changing world of financial advisory Non Performing Loans (NPLs) involve both risks and opportunities. These types of products are becoming increasingly common in international markets, including Italy. This analysis aims to provide a perspective on NPLs, highlighting the challenges and opportunities they present for foreign clients interested in investing in the Italian...

Buying a house at auction in Italy

The process of buying a house at auction in Italy has a number of advantages and disadvantages, as well as potential risks and costs. Real estate auctions are commonly used to sell types of properties, including land, houses, and factories. Although buying a house at auction can be a bargain opportunity due to the lower...

Why is it that when a foreigner buys real estate in Italy all the documents are only in Italian?

Italy has been and always is a magnet for foreign investors, particularly in the real estate and financial sectors. However, one crucial aspect that is often a barrier is language. Negotiations, documents and official negotiations in Italy are conducted in Italian, which could be an obstacle for those who are not proficient in the language....

Renaissance 2.0: Art & Culture as Economic Drivers

Italy has always been renowned for its heritage, with art and culture playing a key role. From Michelangelo’s fascinating masterpieces to the architecture of the Colosseum, Italy’s treasures have attracted visitors from all over the world. However, it is often overlooked how this sector can be a growth engine for foreign investors. It is good...

Advice for foreign clients on managing a mortgage in Italy during periods of high interest rates.

As the slogan of an old Italian TV commercial goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” prudent financial planning can save foreign clients from potential pitfalls when navigating the complicated world of Italian mortgages, especially during periods of high interest rates. Whether you are an individual buyer or represent a company looking to purchase property in...

Unveiling hidden treasures; exploring lesser-known Italian regions ready for economic expansion

Italy, a country often associated with cities such as Rome, Milan and Venice, has much more to offer beyond these well-known urban areas. As investors increasingly shift their attention to markets, less publicized Italian regions are beginning to attract international attention. These regions have potential that presents promising growth opportunities, particularly in sectors such as...



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